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If you prefer silent contemplation over loud music and a stiff drink, then our Roots of Hope products are for you. We aim for a healthy flow of wealth to where it's most needed by donating proceeds from all our Roots of Hope products to community programs in our area. Keep scrolling to see the difference you can help us make. .

Engage in some Horticultural Therapy while planting your Zen in a cup. Each Grow kit comes with a surprise succulent species, a quirky vintage planter, soil, drainage stones, decorative stones & and a biodegradable eco tool. Everything you need to spend some time cultivating happiness. Bonus! Each Grow kit sold provides a family of up to 12 people with a Hope kit containing a meal, and everything needed to grow their own sustainable food garden with the hands-on guidance of our community volunteers. Needing some stress-relief? Let’s grow together.


Wedding Favors

Price: R15 Each

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Hope Grows Cacti

Price: R100

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Zing in Cup Grow Kit

Price: R160

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Zen in Cup Grow Kit

Price: R160

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  • Thalia Travice 
    What a magnificent surprise from my moms today! I'm blown away by the presentation & how amazing it looks!! Such a beautiful initiative to support women and give them some hope. Well done Roots of Hope!
    Thalia Travice 
  • Dani Faye
    Was the best therapy-whose joining me next time ?
    Dani Faye
  • MLB marketing 
    MLB Marketing is proud to be able to assist this amazing initiative ...
    MLB marketing 
  • Pook Catherine Morgan 
    A local business worth supporting
    Pook Catherine Morgan 
    Somerset West
  • Maxie Pool
    Maxie Pool
  • Danielle Poole 
    Twas a very emotional yet satisfying day volunteering with the community garden team
    Was such a privilege to be a part of.
    Danielle Poole 
  • Kim Travice 
    My partner, my daughter and myself got the Zing and Zen kits for Woman's Day. They were delightful. Packed with so much love and so exciting to do. We most definitely will always support Roots of Hope. Great gifts for friends & Teachers.
    Kim Travice 

GBV Victim Support

In the last year, Roots of Hope donated 180 Grow Kits to Victims of Gender Based Violence for use in Horticultural therapy.

Community Food Gardens

We are proud to have 3 community gardens that subsidize our feeding schemes so we can offer our little ones nutrious meals while supporting the larger community with fresh produce.

Agricultural Training

5 young adults in our community are going through hands on agricultural training through our partners at Algina Wholesale Nursery to get all the knowledge and skills they need to grow the veggies in our community gardens and build sustainable livelihoods.


Each Hope Kit contains a nutritionally balanced meal for 12, with fresh veggies and everything needed to start their own sustainable food garden with the hands-on guidance of our community volunteers.